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Cobra Plumbing can help unblock your drains, sink, shower, & toilets. No Call Out Fee!

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Cobra Plumbing is a family owned and run business based in Pakenham, and we service most of the south east suburbs. 

Working to the highest standard over the past 25 years offering General Plumbing Maintenance: including blocked drains, sinks, toilets, and showers – Cobra Plumbing has you covered. 

Signs Of A Blocked Drain

Our Process To Unblock Your Drain

Once we identify what is causing your blocked drain or toilet, we seek to remove the blockage in the most efficient and cost-effective way for you. Sometimes we are able to clear the drain blockage using a hand or shaft plunger which keeps costs down.

If required, our high-pressure water jetter can virtually remove all drain blockages efficiently and effectively. Not only this, but we can completely clear + flush out all stormwater, charged stormwater, and sewer systems with our high-pressure water jetter as well.

Our CCTV Drain Camera records the footage from inside your drain, which we can provide for your reference. If your blocked drain issue is more complex, Cobra Plumbing is able to provide you with a quote straight away in order to move forward & repair your piping if necessary.

Sometimes your pipes may be damaged. Our pipe locator allows us to locate your damaged pipe and fix it for you.

What Our Customers Say

Cobra plumbing was very helpful with my blocked toilet. They arrived on time and tried to hand plunge first but were unable to remove the blockage. They were quick thinking and wasted to time in pulling out the high-pressured water jetter they had and used it to remove the blockage, using CCTV to make sure it was all clear. Their efficient and professional approach was just what you want, and I would recommend them to others.
Mike O’Donnell
Work was A-grade. Plumber was timely on arrival and completion of job, no fuss and very professional & well presented. They left the venue perfectly clean afterwards and all work done by employees was supervised. I’ve used Cobra Plumbing for multiple services, and they’ve maintained a high standard throughout it all.
Mario Fallace

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