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What are the signs of a Blocked Drain?

Blocked drains are a common problem that can be caused by a variety of reasons.


These common problems can be a sign of a blocked drain:

  • Gurgling toilets
  • Odour coming from drains
  • Water drawing slowly from your sinks
  • Rising water in your toilet bowls
  • Grated stormwater pits are flooding


If you suspect you have a blocked drain, it is recommended having a plumber come out and take a look at your drains to ensure the issue is fixed correctly, and there are no underlying problems with your plumbing.

This can involve the use of CCTV drain cameras to inspect more complex drains to work out what the cause is.

Here at Cobra Plumbing, we specialise in blocked drains. Check out our process for unblocking your drain:

Once we identify what is causing your blocked drain, we seek to remove the blockage in the most efficient and cost-effective way for you. Sometimes we are able to clear the drain blockage using a hand or shaft plunger which keeps costs down.


If required, our high pressure water jetter can virtually remove all drain blockages efficiently, and effectively.



Our CCTV drain camera records footage from inside your drain, which we can provide for your reference. This allows us to check what is blocking your drain and if there is any damage.



Sometimes your pipes may be damaged. Our pipe locator allows us to locate your damaged pipe and fix it for you.


Here at Cobra Plumbing, we have the necessary equipment, such as a CCTV Drain Camera and high-pressure water jetters, paired with the experience required to identify and fix your blocked drain, as well as prevent the same issue from happening again.


Please feel free to get in contact with us for any blocked drain issues and we can come out to inspect it for you with no call out fee.



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