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Common Plumbing Issues

Problems with your plumbing can be big or small, with some common plumbing issues being:

-a tap handle that is stiff & difficult to turn
-a dripping shower or sink
-leaking wastewater under a sink
-a downpipe or spouting that is rusted and/or leaking



Although small, these problems require a professional to ensure they are fixed correctly and in the right way that will ensure no further damage.

You may not be exactly sure what your plumbing problem may be, and that is ok.

We are able to talk with you about your problem, and even get you to send us pictures of the issue at hand, allowing us to give you a free quote and arrive with the correct materials needed to fix the problem, ensuring we can complete the job efficiently for you, and ultimately reduce the cost.

No matter what your plumbing requirements may be, Cobra Plumbing has you covered.


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